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By Barbara

Welcome to my web site!

Since a huge pile of pictures can be so overwhelming, I hope the following information will help. I am so thankful that I found out before it was too late that I was damaging my photographs during storage. I used to put my photographs in magnetic binders that were essentially eating away and discoloring them.

This page is designed to help educate anyone wanting to preserve the life of their photographs and other memorabilia. I hope to help inform beginners who may have not gotten started in scrap booking. You do not have to be creative or artistic. The main idea is to organize your piles of photographs and putting them in photo safe albums.

I have two children and have been chronicling their lives through scrap booking for eight years. I include any memorabilia and photographs of each year of their life in an photo safe album. The methods I use are from my experience, education, and general networking with fellow scrap bookers.

Please email with questions or comments concerning my web page at: Preserving Pictures 

This page was last updated on 10/28/12.