Monster Bash
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Monster Bash
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For all you monster lovers.
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Owners List

This is a listing of MB pinball machines, their owners and other  information about their game. To add your MB to this list please click on this link.


Manufacture Date

Serial Number



  Jeroen van den Heuvel 07/10/98 51365-401174 Vught, Holland
Software version: 1.06
Very good condition
I think MB is one of the best pinball machines ever made!
  John Salvador 8/12/98 53365-40038 Charlotte, NC. Home Use Only, early production (sample?) with what appears to be a Screened Cabinet.  As of 12/16/02, it had 295 plays on it.
  Gary and MaryAnn Martin 8/12/98 53365-400146 Lawrence, Kansas

(an early promo unit, still has software 0.5 in it)

Current high score:   894,738,300   Two Monster Bashes, One Monsters of Rock (came *this* close to the second)
Keith Foy 8/12/98 53365-400202 St.Louis,Mo.
  OLaf Boothe 08/13/98 50265-400119 Kalkar, Germany
  Wiest Hans-Martin 08/14/98 50265-400133 Groebenzell, Germany Exported to Germany by a WMS Employee via an US Soldier to a guy in Mannheim, now in my possession, still in the Box!

NIB just opened! 04/27/2003

Also, here is the printout info. Great date inside! MB/all_English.txt

  Klaus-Uwe Dunemann 08/19/98 50265-400290 Stadthagen,  Germany
  Kristian Oerlemans 8/20/98 50265-400303
Model Monster Bash -Germany 3 slot
I bought it in Belgium
  Richard Wiski 8/20/98 50265-400348 Dallas, TX Still haven't received Monsters of Rock but I'm getting very close, only a matter of time. Monster Bash Rocks. My favorite quote is from the Mummy when he says "My hand is inches from your neck" when you hit the flipper button in attract mode. Favorite sound effect is the Phantom flip sound.
  Bret and Melissa Fritch 8/20/98 53365-400370 Oak Harbor, WA Another great pin. One of my wife's favorite.
Bought NIB for our route with 2 others. She decided it was way to fun not to have at home.  
Todd Yoder 8/21/98 50265-400353 Clarksville, MD Reimport from Germany, purchased 6/23/2001
  Thomas Hamann 08/24/98 50265-400359 Timmendorfer Strand / Germany

I bought the machine 2002 in Hamburg it is a great machine !

Additional: at a lover scale I would give my pinball a 2-

  Tony Cacace 08/24/98 50265-400384 Pocono, PA
  Dave Horn 9/1/98 53365-400495 Bothell, WA
  Tammy & Michael Beam 9/2/98 53365-400497 Long Island, NY Our first pin! Bought it with 57 hours on it from the original owner.

Hi score by Tammy:  1,046,606,860
Monster Bash Champ: 133,532,000
Monsters of Rock Champ: 254,614,500
This took 64 minutes on 2-10-02!

  Vinny 9/2/98 53365-400585 Hudson Valley, NY HSTD 1,182,866,650

Monsters of Rock 245,406,000

Bonus 54X for 27,000,000

Two Monster bashes

Two Monsters of Rock

4 Back to back Multiballs on one ball:

Bash/Rock/Mosh/Frank AWESOME!

  Kevin L'Heureux 09/03/98 53365-400580 Valencia, Ca. USA Restoration is complete and it looks brand new. I have completely stripped the cabinet down to bare wood inside and out, and rebuilt all mechanisms top and bottom. I repainted the interior and Bill Davis clear coated the playfield. I have installed the following NOS items,

Side rails, side rail screw nails, cabinet decals, plastic set, coin door, Start button, Launch ball button, Frankenstein, manual, glass, legs, install 4 balls and caution High Voltage stickers. I also added Kerry's scoop weldmont and hole protector and a set of Pinball Pro subwoofer and backbox speakers.

Software version 1.06

This game now ROCKS!


  Terry Nelson 9/9/98 53365-400659 Naperville, IL Bought it New In The Box! Great Game!!
  Bob Van Ess 9/19/98 52165-400699 Montoursville, Pa. 17754 My Monster Bash was made in 9/10/98 serial # 52165400699. Interestingly on the back above the serial # it says MonsterBash - Sweden. I guess it was meant to go to Sweden but I don't know if it ever did as I bought it from a pinball dealer here in Pa. I installed the "Pinball Pro speaker upgrade kit" for it and it is great!
The subwoofer is awesome. I've got it setup with a really easy 5 ball and managed to get 4 monster bashes and 2 monsters of rock in one game for a total score of 1.2 billion. After a year of ownership my family still loves the game! I've got a picture of it with the Monsters of Rock lit at my website at
  Martin Reynolds 09/22/98 53365-401705 Fremont, CA Full restoration.
  Bernie 9/24/98 53365-401032 Cincinnati, OH Software - 1.06

Hi score 1.696B
Not 100% sure, but think it was 4 bashes and 2 rocks.  
Mosh MB Champ - 63.5M
Bash Champ - 157M
Rock Champ - 440M

Game is set on 3 ball but with "my" mods - special and replay set to extra ball, increased ball saver time - hate it when they go away too quick ;-)

When I first got it we had it on 5 ball - used to have all my pins that way since I grew up with it, but finally got harrassed into turning it down.  Had a great game once - in the 1.8-1.9B range on 5 ball that included Lyman's Lament.  
  Mike Scott 9/24/98 53365-401035 Dothan, AL
  Terry Kuhns 9/25/98 533665400994 Mifflinburg, PA I got it out of a local 'TILT' arcade. I repaired the scoop hole, fixed a broken pop bumper bracket, replaced the flasher on top the scoop hole. It seems the repair mechanics have a habit of just cutting wires or removing broken items at these arcades :-( I have gotten it back to 100% working and all it needs now is cabinet decals. Maybe someday I can justify the $200-250 for decals plus all the time involved but for right now it plays fine the way it is!
  Paul Rogers 9/25/98 53365-401050 Austin, Tx.
  Chris Cramer 9/29/98 53365-400984 Cincinnati, OH
  Pete Hoerber 9/29/98 53365-401112 Gig Harbor, WA Purchased and left on route for a few months. After shop out, earnings

doubled, FYI operators!! Now living at home waiting for new cab decals from

IPB.... High Score: 699,132,200 BASH: 132,553,420 ROCK:332,550,180

  Darin Smith 9/30/98 51065-401198 Olympia, WA Originally in England.  Brought back home the US of A.
  Mike Schudel 10/01/98 53365-401243 Kalamazoo, MI Very nice condition. L1.06 Home ROM installed.
  Bruce Clark 10/07/98 53365-401234 North Wales, PA
  Ken Stevens 10/08/98 53365-401074 Portage, MI
  Curtis Hughes


53365-401268 Colorado Springs, CO
  Michael Wayne


53365-401479 Rochester Hills, MI
  Jason Rufer 10/15/98 53365-401209 Cokato, MN My Monster Bash is in near collector quality 9.0 machine. Out hole protector

installed, extra figures and complete plastic set on hand.

Signed translite by George Gomez.

  Tony D'Aprile



Charlotte, NC

High Score: 372,145,130
  Kevin & Laura Hilty 10/15/98 53365-401380 Loup City, NE This is Laura's favorite machine out of my collection of 27 pins.  She says it's a keeper! The dialog on this machine is the greatest.  Very fun.
  Peter Korman 10/16/98 50265-401622 Cologne, Germany any other comments: just bought it from an arcade - needs to be refurbished!


  Romic Masehian 10/22/98 53365-401667 Glendale, CA
  Steve Cohen 10/22/98 53365-401698 Reno, NV
new cab decals. 
Also looking for playfield.  Please let me know if you may know of one.
11/03/98 50465-402023  Acheres, France Great pinball very nice .
  Steve Miller 11/6/98 53365-402122 Woodinville, WA
  Bruce and Christine Pincus 11/12/98 402217-54390 Lake Worth, FL
received by eric's shipping on 4/1/02  high score so far 280m   no monsters of rock yet   we love this game
  Al Warner 11/16/98 53365-402329 Berlin, NJ Shopped to blank upper playfield and updated with white rubber and 1.06 ROMs. New stickers bought to be added soon. 

  Craig Hassell 11/16/98 53365-402394 Arlington, Texas Newest pin to the Hassell's GameRoom collection. Updating to 1.06 software. Excellent condition game purchased from Shannon Smith of Austin, Texas (
  Victor Pineschi 11/18/98 53365-402458 Los Angeles, CA home use onlt. 300 plays. Has original parts-bulb bag and original rubber bags. excellent mosh pit hole. Cliffy protector to preserve it
  Rob Hicks 11/19/98 53365-402351 Lake Mary, FL playfield is great! love this game!
  Rick Swanson 11/23/98 53365-402070 Morristown, TN
  Joe Rossman 11/23/98 533645-420558 NYC, NY

high score 309,822,850

  Tony Rodriguez 11/24/98 53365-402359 Brownsville, TX
  Terry and Carolyn Connelly 11/24/98 53365-402498 Mukwonago, WI Our first pinball machine. Purchased NIB.
  Matt Gerding 11/24/98 53365-400577 Cincinnati, Ohio great is a keeper !!!!!
  Mark Coran 11/24/98 53365-402522 Fairfax, VA
  Lee Sandt 11/25/98 53365-402619 Bethlehem, PA Great machine that I will be keepng in my collection. Some scoop wear which is covered with a Cliffy protector. A bit of Drac wear as well and some of the decal peeling around legs.
  Dale & Mary Beth Hryniewicki 11/30/98 50265-402570 Milwaukee, WI Excellent Condition
  Donnie Barnes 11/30/98 50265-402586 Chapel Hill, NC Rebuild with NOS clearcoated playfield, new cabinet decals, etc. Great machine.
  Shane Warren 12/02/98 50465-402663 Brisbane, Australia Needs new decals.

Usual drac trac drop and wear and has a cliffy protector fitted.
  Pat Choy 12/03/98 53365-402696 Chicago, IL
  Robert Winter


53365-402684 Los Angeles, CA Purchased NIB for home use. See my website at 
  Lou Perazzoli 12/07/98 53365-402853 Redmond, WA USA bought NIB
  Dennis Paisley



Dayton, OH

High Score : 1,714,565,850
Monster Bashes : 4
Bash Champ : 106,985,000
Monsters of Rock: 3
Rock Champ : 292,636,500
Received Lyman's Lament !!!!


Purchased NIB.

  Dan Sweeney 12/08/98 53365-402900 Algonquin, IL
  Greg Brookins 12/08/98 53365-402911 Blanchardville, WI
Bought NIB for home
  Frank and Joyce Bock 12/09/98 53365-402866 Shelby Twp., MI
  Barry Gartner 12/09/98 53365-402867 Germantown, Maryland
  Will Keith 12/11/98 53365-402716 Tulsa, OK Our high score is only 610,313,310. We are looking for the Dracula Bracket. I believe that it may make it easier to obtain higher scores.
  Ron Hansen 12/11/98 53365-402929 Lakewood, CO High Score: 1,991,242,000 A game that surprisingly only had 1 monster bash, but 3
monsters of rock. (Rock before Bash bonus collected twice).

In another game

  Jim Sroka 12/21/98 53365-403204 Brick, NJ
  Jason Rosenstiel 12/22/98 53365-482956 Andover, Minnesota
My wife has high score at 689,000,000
monsters of rock 250,000,000
monster bash 189,000,000
  Phil Dixon 01/20/99 51065-403281 Leicester, UK
  Jeff Murphy 02/02/99 53365-403407 Warsaw, IN The game is currently in my basement.  I may put it out on location, but will likely keep it for awhile and then try to sell it.  If you're interested in buying it, please contact me.
  Red7547     USA, NY  
  Wayne Pesuit 53365-402803 Fremont, CA

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