Adjusting Phantom Flip
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Adjusting Phantom Flip

Question : How does Phantom Flip work?

Answer : Well, the logic "I assume" detects when the switch in the flipper lane is tripped (this is step 1), then as the ball travels closer to the flipper there is an opto underneath each slingshot (step 2.)  Please refer to the first picture in order to locate the opto (if you are interested.) Finally there is a pullup resister (under the playfield) that the pinball affects. This is where the adjustment for Phantom Flip is made.

NOTE: The only adjustments for Phantom Flip are under the playfield.

The following picture has two circles where the left and right pullup resistors are located. You will need to loosen the screw that is connected to a small white nylon arm. The resistor is under this arm. Next, you will want to slide the resistor forward or backward. You will notice that there is enough of the playfield cutout for minor adjustments.

I adjusted both sides and then put the playfield back into the cabinet and played a game without the glass so that I could turn on Phantom Flip (by pushing the blue standup targets) and then rolling the ball down the flipper lane.

Good luck adjusting !!!!