SC Cows

  1. The red button can be found on the backglass held out through Bobīs getaway rental van. 
    It is also seen on one of the tokens that are awarded from the machine. 

  2. One of the "?" awards is a cow head. 

  3. One of the Candy 2000 codes is MOO, which gives you a Vault letter. 

  4. Enter MOO in the high score list to hear a cow. 

  5. The letters BCM can be seen in the animation for when you enter the board game via the cellar entrance. 
    The letters are to the far right on the DMD and can only be seen in the beginning of the animation. 
    In the same animation you can see a DOHO on the sewer lid.

  6. Set your date to October 24th. When you turn the machine on you will be presented with a "Happy Birthday ... Amanda and Ryan"